SwagBucks Tips on Searching and SwagCodes

Here are some tips and tricks I've used to maximize my SwagBucks total.  For those who don't know SwagBucks are a form of digital currency that can be earned in a variety of ways.  This digital currency can then be turned in for real currency in the form of gift cards, or for actual products.  If you're interested go here to sign up for SwagBucks.

#1.  Install the SwagBucks Toolbar

The toolbar is an application that integrates with your internet browser, whether that is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or others. The toolbar is necessary for a few reasons.  First from time to time TSG (The Swag Guy) will post a SwagCode in the inbox on the toolbar.  Second, I've found that my chances to win a SwagBucks from searching seem to be better if I search from the toolbar.  Third the big SWAGBUCKS logo on the toolbar is a quick link to go enter a SwagCode whenever you find one.
Install the toolbar here

#2. Bookmark your favorite sites as a SwagBucks Search

I frequently visit the same sites on a daily basis; facebook.com, weather.com, bankofamerica.com, gmail, yahoo sports, ect..  Instead of bookmarking the actual site, bookmark a SwagBucks search for that site!

It's easy. In the SwagBucks search window type in "facebook" and hit enter.  In the search results one of the top results is going to point you to facebook.com

Now go up to your menu and bookmark this page.  From now on whenever you want to visit facebook just click on your favorite, and then click on the link in the search results.

3. SwagCodes

Use SwagCodes to earn SwagBucks.  This is one of my favorite methods, because it's generally very easy to do.  Typically once a day TSG releases a SwagCode that can be entered to redeem 1 or more SwagBucks. 

The first thing you need to know about when using SwagCodes is the Swidget.  The Swidget is a small flash application available here.  The Swidget has a couple purposes. First (on my list anyways) is that it is the method in which TSG notifies you that a SwagCode is available. Second it is used as a method of getting referaals which I'll talk about later.  To check if there is a SwagCode available first you click on the SwagCodes button on the widget, then click the check if there is a code available button.  At this point the swidget will tell you if there is a code currently available, and will typically give you a hint to the codes location.  Sometimes the code is even right on the swidget itself!

The next things you need to know are the different methods in which SwagCodes are released.

  1. Spoonfed - This is a SwagCode in which the SwagCode itself is listed right on the Swidget. 
  2.  Toolbar - As I said earlier sometimes the code is listed right on the toolbar.
  3.  Facebook - TSG has a heavy Facebook presence and will sometimes post codes right on Facebook.
  4.  CodeHunt - These are special cases when TSG makes you work for the code.  He will usually give you a clue as to where the first letter in the code is.  When you find that letter you'll get a clue to the next.
  5.  Thursday special offers code - Once a week, on Thursdays TSG updates the special offers code.  Simply go here and skip through the offers, or click on one if it looks interesting. After going through a few offers you'll receive a SwagCode to enter.
  6.  Twitter - TSG ocassionally releases codes on Twitter, so make sure you follow him there. 
  7. Newsletter - TSG sometimes includes a SwagCode in his newsletter, so make sure you sign up.
There are also two different types of codes, a static and a morphing code.
  •  A static code is a single unique string of characters that everyone can use to redeem SwagBucks
  •  A morphing code usually starts like a static code, but then usually has 6 random characters appeded to the end. This code can only be used once.

What I found to be the hardest part about using SwagCodes was knowing when they were out.  Because of that I developed a script that runs every two minutes and notifies you when a code is available.  I post this information to twitter as well as to the SwigetWatch website  The cool thing about twitter, is that I can receive a text message whenever a new tweet is posted.  Follow this link to follow SwidgetWatch on Twitter.

#4. Search

There are a couple tricks to winning by searching. First know that repeatedly searching for the same term over and over will not you any good, and will probably hurt your chances. 

The key is to search naturally, at a normal pace, and for normal topics.  Timing your searches is also important.  I find that I can typically win once in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the late evening. Don't overs-search though. According to the Swagbucks website, only your first 20 searches give you a chance to win, after that you are just wasting your time. So try to spend a little time searching during those time frames.

Also keep in mind that Friday's are Mega SwagBucks days.  On these days you have a better chance to win high denomination SwagBucks, so make sure you get your searches in.

#5 Promote Referrals
Referrals are a great way to earn SwagBucks, promoting your referral link on facebook, blogs, in your email signature and to people you meet are all great ways to earn SwagBucks.  Remember that you earn a SwagBuck for every SwagBuck someone you referred earns, up to 100 SwagBucks per referred person.  Even having 2 or 3 people makes a huge difference in how fast your SwagBucks add up.  Also remember that SwagBucks has already created image banners for you to use.  Another method is to use Facebook Connect to automatically post to facebook when you win or redeem prizes.  Friends of yours may be interested it what you're doing if they see how often you're winning.


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